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Originally Posted by Detailed Image View Post
Interior Cleaning
Upholstery Brush One of the best investments for your interior carpets and mats is a good carpet and upholstery brush. Brushing your carpets and mats down prior to vacuuming and putting any chemicals on them will save you time and produce better results. It will help lift dirt and debris to the surface so you can vacuum them up easier.
Carpet Cleaner / All Purpose Cleaner I have had great luck with 303's Aerospace Cleaner and the best part about it is that it is a concentrate. So the 32oz bottle you purchase turns into about 320oz's of cleaning solution! It works great on vinyl, engine compartments, plastic, and cleaning stains off of leather. An excellent universal cleaner to have around.
Plastic Cleaner The best plastic polish and cleaner I've come across is Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Polish. Works great for gauges, instrument clusters, headlight covers, etc. and the best part is it has anti-static properties so it will help repel dust.
Vinyl Protectant 303's Aerospace Protectant is my choice for UV protection of your dash, consol, etc. It leaves a beautiful matte finish, not like its greasy substitutes that can cause glare and attract dust.
Leather Care Hands down, Leatherique's Rejuvenator Oil and Pristine Clean are the premier leather care products on the market. The Rejuvenator Oil can restore the proper oils and nutrients to help repair hard, cracked, faded leather. Pristine Clean then cleans things up and is used for maintaining your "new" leather.
Vacuum Cleaner Metro Vac designed a vacuum with the detailer in mind. With a wide array of attachments, shoulder strap, and rolling wheels, it is the go-to vacuum cleaner for the detailing enthusiast.

All of these products can be found at


George @ Detailed Image
I tried finding the 303 aerospace cleaner on your site but all I found was 303 aerospace protector. I was in an auto store the other day and found a good one. It is called immaculate aero for interior cleaner it does the same things you mentioned for the 303 cleaner. Have you heard of this one?
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