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Originally Posted by 330Cole View Post
Well the short answer is no, but it can be done using an m3 tranny, driveshaft, and output shafts. Which probably would be too cost prohibitive for what ya get.
I am quite sure this is misinformation. IIRC it's the whole rear subframe, not the transmission that matters to make this swap... and it has been done. The M3 diff will not mount to the standard 3 series subframe. Then you also need everything else back there too.. but chances are if you can get the diff and subframe, you can get everything else you need. Maybe even together.

As for the original to LSD or not LSD debate... some things you just do because. OP didn't seem to be comparing apples to apples IMHO, used open diff to new LSD?? heck why not compare used to used or new to new? Did used have warranty?? Did LSD have warranty?? do you want LSD??

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