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well since almost anything voids your warranty now a days I think you should invest more in yourself take many schools and get more practice. Not that I think Im the most experienced person here but I have been tracking for 12 years now and I have seen almost everything and had my experience just as most of you first timer did, and I must add that the best mod was practice. Even now when I go to the track I see your typical rich kid in a super fast car (ferrari, Lambo, and even supped up M3's) gett passed by way slower cars. To fast of a car with very little experience can be disastrous as well. So the best MOD is go to the SKIP BARBER driving school or Derek Daly in las vegas and that alone will take a good 4 seconds off your lap time. Now if you want something for your car get a Nice set of light track wheels. Those will help the acceleration and cornering of your car and you might even consider some R-Compound tyres...My .02 Cents...Good Luck...
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