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Originally Posted by liquiddawn View Post
Has anybody actually seen the owners of these cars and laughed at them, or said what did you do? I've done it a few times. I've shaken my head deliberately and threw my arms up at a few owners of cars like these. Their response? Shut the F up, sorry we aren't all rich to get a BMW like you, it's my car and I fing like it, these are a few responses I've gotten. LOL
I would do this except for to them it looks cool. I mean you can make any car look more racer with 100$ at autozone. It's the poor mans pride and joy. I can't bring myself to actually confront one, to them their car is super cool and I'm not one to smash pride. But I can say this, be careful when making fun of them, especially in a parking lot. The people that drive these most likely A. Have a gun. Or B will scratch your car.
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