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Gimme a shout if you want a go pro!

It was hard to tell too much for driving technique in the first video, but the one thing I would suggest working on was the first slalom you went through. Focus on getting on the back side of each cone closely so you can accelerate through the end of the slalom and have a much higher exit speed. Giving up a little before the first cone will add a significant amount of speed at the end. It looked like you were driving up to each cone and having to turn around it, and when you do that on the last cone it kills your time. It's called "getting behind" in a slalom.

If you do it correctly, you should usually be able to hammer the gas at the third to last cone. Here's a video from our first points event this year with a 6 cone slalom done pretty well:

P.S. Get your a$$ down to Cincy for an event! Don't make me come find you!

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