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Originally Posted by Forcefed M3 View Post
Why would you say that. The car was inspected by HPF, only afterwards did he want more money off. The price of the car was less than the 2.5 installed price, so basicly he bought a 2.5 and the car was free.
I don't really care what kind of deal he got for it...he could've paid 10k for all I care...the OP purchased a car in "X" shape...gets car inspected in "Y" shape...recieves a car that is actually in "Z" shape...and now the seller is not even having the courtesy to reply to the man or apologize for selling him a car in "Z" shape.

It could've been a friggin civic for all I care...its buyer/seller relations and this looks bad. Not to mention the poor OP prolly had to pay duty on all these replacement pieces as well...CANADIAN DUTY IS NOT CHEAP!
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