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I started this thread so that some might learn

I made my choices and am prepared
To live with them. I still got a good deal but at the same time it has been disappointing and costing more time and money than I had planned or budgeted. I still liked dealing with the seller and I know he is going thru a ruff time and I can understand that. For all I know he has changed his phone and email and has no clue to the other issues that came up after initial inspection by HPF. He was very easy to work with when problems came up and I was hopeing that would continue as I had agreed prior with him that any issues that were found we would taken care of. I was very thorough with my agreement. My work situation / timing did not alow me the ability to see the car in person. So I took it in faith and these r my lessons I wanted to share
"Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you go through it."

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