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The asking price was 35,000 and We agreed originally on 31,000 for the car and after further discussion agreed on 29,500 After HPF found issues we agreed to split the costs and lowered the price to 28,400 as the bill from HPF was about 2500 and some of the costs were optional but recommended which I thought I should pay and not the seller. So I paid 1000 of that plus the inspection 500. All of this was fine and I was happy to proceed.

Cost for car 28,400
Plus 4,606 HPF Bill with clutch and catch can plus new found issues with meth injection electronics and turbo charge tube and fittings being damaged and leaking.
HPF leak down an inspection 500
Shipping car 950 texas to HPF plus 650 HPF to Canada
Legal 450
Import fees ,duty , taxes 2600
BMW recall letter 550
BMW Canadian updates for safety 850
New headlight 450
Side skirts with paint 600
Rear bumper fix 250
New rotors and pads 1350
New hpf gauges 500
New speedo in kilometers per hour 300
New tires 1400
Door locks replaced 250
Idle control valve 300
O2 sensor 100
Spare BMW key 250
Front splitter ????

So when I said by the time the dust settles it will be 42 k this is what I meant. I know that if it was staying state side it was a great deal from ur perspective but from mine I have to factor in all the costs

Estimated so far 42k
not Including Canadian sales tax add another 900 if u like

Car also needs federal and provincial inspections as well which is even more money

Point is It's a lot of work and extra costs to bring a car like this into Canada as well lots of planing is needed. I had never done that before and that's what made it a nice challenge

The car does not have coil overs just koni yellows with H&R sports

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