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I figured the car was worth on its own with the mileage 15,500

The Hpf kit about 10,500

The motor about 6000

Breaks differential 6000

Carbon fiber hood trunk an defuser 3000

Makes the car worth to me around 41k. I was planning on 35k to 37k to make it worth my while so I'm over by 4k to 6k on my budget. These r my numbers for what I thought would work for me if I were to make the deal feasable. I could have sent my 2004 m3 with 50k miles and put a kit on it as that was my other option. My car was in very good condition. I have looked at a lot of HPF cars that have been for sale and they all seemed to be stage 3 with low miles and were immaculate condition. I was just concerned about the sleeved block and also that there was more power than The car could put to the ground without a lot of work.
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