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Great write up.
Question - is there an externally visable way to tell if the VANOS seals have been changed on a used engine? I'm guessing "no"...and I need to look through the maintenance records to see if this has been addressed on my car.

I know it just had oil changed (but the dash still flashes that oil change warning on start-up), air filter, tires, and fuel pump/filter. Tonight I'm getting into the corners/tails to clean any corossion and apply di-electric grease to get that dang blinker warning light off my dash. Then later this month I'm finally going to get around to those dang A & C pillars...stupid headliner just won't stay glued here in Texas. Gotta get stronger glue and material. Last year the cooling system was done, so I'm good there. I know the auto trans has NOT been serviced, so that's on my "to do" list this year at some point.

Next things I'm doing is to run the seafoam through it, change the plugs, and I might take a look at those bushings. I wonder if I can tell if they're OEM or have been replaced? I know the car feels much tighter than other models I've driven, but there's prob no way to know.

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