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Well, the info is very strange. In some cases you just copy and paste BMW recommendations and in some points were of your own recommendation . Shouldnt it be one or the other and not a mix of both?

For example, an overfill for a total of 8 quarts, thats simply your own recommendation. I for one will never recommend that to anyone , especially to a new BMW owner, even if they track the car etc. I dont know much info on that but I've never heard of anyone doing that and I dont plan trying it myself . Our engines run well on 7 quarts and I see no reason to add more then that, as long as you keep it at 7 quarts (doesnt apply to Xi as Xi takes 8 quarts anyway). Overfilling by that much oil can cause more damage then you'd think ...

I dont like the info about engine oils,change intervals or oil types but I dont want to say a word because I dont want a freaking oil war

Spark plug change interval is WAY to short, BMWs recommended 100k miles is actually considered short for our modern spark plugs. Some people dont understand that modern plug dont lose their "performance" over time, they dont wear out like old school plugs. They either work or they dont, simple . BMW recommended spark plugs can easily last 100k miles and then some, I've seen original plugs last for over 180k miles ...

Again you use your own recommendations for manual trans oil . If you use Redline , doesnt mean that you shouldnt forget other oils. I personally say that Redline belongs in your diff and trans should see nothing but Royal Purple Synchromax , but thats just me. I really think you should add more choices to that as well
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