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So the last and most current thing I did was paint the beat up silver stock wheels graphite.

Little DIY:

Take wheels off (obviously)

Before wheel picture

Wash the wheels thoroughly


Sand with 180 while wheel is wet

Rinse, then sand with 2000 while wheels is wet

Rinse and let it air dry. Make sure that it's dry between the rim and the tire.

Once it's completely dry, tape off the tire. I tried using note cards but I suggest using tape, it isn't that hard to tape and the tape is more precise and won't blow away.

Give it one coat of primer. I went with white to try to keep the graphite as bright as possible.

Then after it dries, give it three coats of the colored paint. Make sure you get every crevice and every corner.

Then give it a couple coats of clear. I didn't get the clear on the inside faces of the spokes as much as the outside faces of the spokes and you can tell. The outside faces are completely smooth while the inside faces are more rough. Make sure you get the clear coat everywhere

Let the paint dry and then peel the tape off.

Pictures to show the finished product. So far it's holding up perfect. It's just to tide me over until I can get better wheels.

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