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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
When I was younger our dogs used to find those things and "play" with them to death. They'd throw them in the air and chase after them
Our cats are fearsome hunters. They probably bring in 5 or so voles per week. They've brought in the occasional bird, a snake, several squirrels, and a large rabbit. Like, I needed a shoebox to get rid of the rabbit.

It made me worry about our neighbor's yorkies. Our small black cat (Guinness) will sit on the fence and stare at them. It's a bit creepy. I've just been waiting to find a yorkie on the carpet some morning.

I'd prefer they left everything outside, but I don't mind too much cleaning up the corpses. It's when they bring in alive toys to play with that really bugs the crap out of me.
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