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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Zimmerman accuses police of being lazy = liberals claiming he was an insane vigilante

The only thing more pathetic is this "trayvon martin day".... put an end to bullying and racism by promoting a bully who was made national news only when the media racially sensationalized his story... what a joke.

I truly find it unbelievable that some in this thread can still defend this POS. The kid was a crummy human being who mocked women, threw around racial slangs, dealt drugs, likely broke into homes (given his burglary tool kit)... Zimmerman, on the other hand, bashed cops for being lazy and went after them when they were clearly guilty of abusing their powers... And yet, Zimmerman is the villain and Martin the hero... simply because of the color of this crummy human being's skin..

Just AMAZZZZZES me (and honestly pisses me off) that logic and evidence is cast aside in favor of racial bullsh*t...

And for the record, THIS VERY BEHAVIOR (trayvon day) and the media are EXACTLY the cause of racial tension in this country. You think a kid growing up recognizes differences in skin color and treats one kid differently than another as a result? Absolutely not. Racism is engrained in the skulls of children through cr@p like this and piss poor parents.
You're not really one to be lecturing us about racial tension unless you're citing yourself as an example. And excellent job pointing this back to the liberals and the media. Like we don't already hear that in every other thread you post.
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