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lol POS black kid. take off your fvcking hood. the kid smoked weed. ooooooooooohh big fvcking deal. no justification for him to be murdered. why are you so scared of the black man? you remind me of the white people chirs rock was referencing in his act about losing everything, because the blacks certainly aren't winning **** from you. you are the most insecure, racist douchebag. i hope you enjoy being single, because i don't think there is a woman on this planet who could handle dating a ***** as big as you. what a whiny pathetic life you lead.
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I always have to laugh when I see a thread described as "Not Work Safe." Is there anything on the OT forum that's really "work safe"? If I were your boss, I'd be mad if you spent any time on this forum at work at all. How is a picture of a naked girl any less work safe than, say, a picture of a matador getting gored in the *** by an angry bull? - VaderDave
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