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Originally Posted by whoooty View Post
Hey everyone, I just wanted to start a progress thread to keep track of my cars progress.
Originally Posted by whoooty View Post
I actually just spent upwards of $2000 on maintenance that was being saved for wheels and body parts. So you don't really know what you're talking about bud. If I didn't have all that maintenance to take care of, which I did and I did take care of, then you would see brand new wheels, tires, rear bumper and arqray lip.

I had to fix the rear wheel bearing, passenger window, and a lot of the front suspension.

I don't see the need to spend $800 on AC when I can just open my windows. Is not having an AC going to negatively impact me somehow? Please enlighten me

On tuesday I'm fixing my rear left bushing because it is making an awful squeeking noise.

It sucks to do maintenance but I know you have to do it. Except for the AC, I don't see why I need to fix that for such an outrageous amount of money. If I feel the need to have an AC then i'll save up to fix it.

You start a thread stating you will be tracking your car's progress (for the eleventy billionth time under yet another s/n), which includes posts around poorly fitting replica grilles, a plastidipped bumper , and rattle canned wheels. You include no mention that you're actually taking care of the car at all.

Expect to receive responses based on what you post, bud.

also, $2k for new wheels, tires, rear bumper, and an arquay lip???
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