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Originally Posted by WA_E46Fan View Post
Alright, pretty much have my AUX cable complete but i have a quick question...

I used an old pair of headphones that were about 1 year old. This is what it looks like when cut... Attachment 452793

Now, i know i have to connect the two ground wires together, but i am sort of worried/confused about the input wires. Both the left and right wires are separated by being in separate rubber tubing, but the ground wires are also touching the wires. Will this short anything out? Better safe than sorry
They will be fine. It looks like one wire is Red and the other is Blue. Correct?
This is common on most headphone wires. Even though it looks like the wire is bare, it is coated. You will see the coating burn and bubble when you go to solder them. If you are not soldering the wires, when you go to put connectors they may not work as the wire will be insulated with the coating still. Make sense?
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