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Works great in a bind! The Fel-Pro gasket cost $6 from Autozone, it is slightly too big, but it does wedge in & eventually sunk in 100% flush after about 10 minutes of just sitting there tightened down. I'm guessing with a little heat & time, it should take a nice set/shrink & be able to be removed without loosing seal which will be nice when I replace the full CCV system in the fall. I lubed the o-ring groove, oring, & intake lip with motor oil. Also thoroughly cleaned off the intake lip with throttle body cleaner before re-assembly.

Idle when 'cold' is now nice & perfectly smooth like it is when the engine is warm. I'm guessing the DISA, ICV, & CCV were replaced in my car fairly recently as they were all relatively clean & functioning perfectly fine. I've been chasing down vacuum leaks since I bought the car in April; each & everyone of them has been hoses/lines, gaskets, or vacuum tap caps which is perfectly fine with me . This DISA gasket fix is the last thing on my checklist for vacuum leak repairs & now my car purrs during idle like it's brand new off the lot. Went through all the same & MUCH more with my used & abused E36 M3 a few years ago, this E46 is 90% the same overall design which is nice. Luckily this E46 was pampered like a 1st child so it's only minor things & 75% of the needed repairs have already been done.

Thanks for the info on this, I was to the point where I was about to gob a bunch of permatex liquid gasket on it.

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