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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
I shot a 12 gauge once and it was big, heavy, and had a LOT of recoil. Not something I would really want to carry around to defend myself with.

I'm thinking either a compact rifle or handgun as being an ideal apocalypse weapon. Anything too big would suck to have to carry around, or would be useless in close quarters like a car.

I've shot shotguns all my life, everything from pump action 12 gauge's to semi-auto 10 gauge (one of my shotguns that is gorgeous and have ever fired a full auto shotty. If Cali wasn't so AWFUL ATROCIOUS HORRIBLE AND UBER-GOOBER LIKE about gun laws I would have a lot of my zombie guns.

A short rifle (like a like hunting rifle i.e. a little .22 with a scope is one of the best weapons out there. A pistol would always be useful, but only as a sidearm. It's not awesome enough on its own to justify using it as your main weapon. Car travel would make things difficult, but it's the zombie apocalypse, I'm sure we could find a way to make it fit :madmax:
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