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Here's an email I just sent off to VAC... (feel free to jump in if you have any answers to my questions)
VAC Motorsports:

I contacted you guys a couple years ago about fitting an oil cooler on my E46 330Ci and at the time it didn't seem like there was an "easily achievable setup" for a street/track E46 non-M. I remember running into the following problems:
1) The VAC billet oil filter housing seemed a little too race oriented for a street set up because of the way it moved away from using a stock oil filter.
2) The Motorsport M54B30 oil filter housing didn't have a built-in thermostat even when matched with your oil coolers.
3) The S50 Euro oil filter housing could've worked, but you would've also had to buy the E36 power steering pump and jump through a bunch of hoops… but with enough money this could have been a working OEM-like solution.
4) The S54 oil filter housing had no way at the time of working without a custom bracket for being able to mount a power steering pump back on.

After reviewing things though, it seems like there has been a bit of change in the last couple years? Yes? No? It seems like now you have a very affordable bracket that allows for using an S54 oil filter housing with the OEM E46 power steering pump. Is this correct?

So if I'm to understand correctly, can I now just purchase the bracket and your S54 oil filter kit and "bolt it all on"? Is anything else needed?

Thank you,
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