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Ok, so yesterday and today my car had an Inspection II (with valve adjustment - and they were apparently perfect, didn't require adjusting), new suspension and wheels went on. Height was adjusted and camber maxed in the rear and front approximately -2 degrees. I won't know for sure until I get a car alignment. Pretty happy with the way it sits, but I'd still like to go a bit lower. I'll drive around it as is and see how it goes, but so far so good. No rubbing, except for one time at full-lock I heard the fronts rub. Rears are fine. I still have a finger gap between the wheel and fender so I reckon I can go lower and put a small spacer in the rear to match the fronts. At the moment the fronts are more aggressive than the rears.

The problem I have at the moment is that my mechanic set the rears to their lowest setting and it's still not low enough. Also, having just done some reading on KW v2 installs, I think he installed the rear upside down The height adjuster is supposed to be on top of the rear spring, but he installed it on the bottom. Dunno what effect it has. I'm still not convinced the rears were height adjusted properly. I'll have to play around with it myself.

For those with KW v2s. For the rear, I have my height adjuster at the bottom and my mechanic wound the purple collar (spring perch) all the way DOWN. He said this would lower the car. But I thought winding UP would lower the car as it compresses and shortens the spring height - thus lowering the car. Which is correct?

Anyway onto the pics.



Rear close up. You can see that there's still a decent gap (finger width) so I'll probably try fit a 5mm+ spacer later on.


Front close up. You can see that the fronts are more aggressive than the rear, so the rear definitely needs a spacer to fill it out.

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