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Thanks for the comments guys. Yep, I know stretch isn't for everyone but for now I really like it. Handling of the car hasn't been affected for daily commutes, but I have yet to do a spirited run. I did notice the fronts are rubbing against the inside fender even when negotiating roundabouts. It doesn't bother me too much as long as it's not rubbing on the actual guard or rim.

Thanks for those that commented on the rear spring setup. I'll get my mechanic to fix it the right way. Also, good idea on removing that height adjuster. I think if I remove it it'll lower the car another 2cm, that might be too much. Was only thinking another 1cm or so in the rear and maybe 1-2cm in the front. The rears are fine, don't rub at all even over bumps.

Alvin, I got the wheels off Paul from Street To Track. This is his website:
Dodgy looking website, haha but he's legit. If you want a set for your CSL, most go with the 19x8.5 ET32 and 19x10 ET25 setup. This will fit well and won't need any fender or camber mods. Or you can go 1" wider but will need to run some more camber, do a bit of fender work and stretch tyres.
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