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Originally Posted by HellRaiser1 View Post
The reason why breakfast is so important is because you want to avoid being In a catabolic state (especially as ectos like us) you wanna be in anabolic state 24/7. Which is why we eat carbs and protein every 3 hours. But over night you are fasting and starving yourself for up to 8 hours. You are wasting away so to speak at night. When you wake up you should eat ASAP. You wanna do everything you can to avoid being In a catabolic mode: eat every 3 hours and go to bed with a casein shake (slow absorbing protein for over night) I personally wake up have 2 cups of milk with 2 scoops of serious mass and peanut butter and some oj and I rush out the door. So I get that we don't usually have time in the am for a big elaborate breakfast . After my first 2 morning clients ill have an official breakfast usually ham egg cheese hero or roll , fruits , oatmeal, and oj again.

As a true hard gainer ecto , I prioritize eating over workouts, If I feel like I haven't eaten enough or kept my cals high, I won't dare workout because than it is counter productive and I am doing more harm than good, burning more calories working out and being in a deficit instead of overall surplus.

As far as spotters, you won't half ass a workout because you can't go your full potential, therefore ask a stranger , usually the most serious or disciplined looking guy in the place.
I'm kind of busy so i can't post links but I think the whole eat every few hours is a little bro science. I think a lot of stuff has recently come out that conflicted with it. Calories in vs out and quality of cals are pretty much what the research is showing now. IE intermittent fasting and programs like that
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