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Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
ProEFI sold him a plug-n-play ProEFI EMS that is supposed to run the Z4M. We have been selling our HPF "tuner" Z4M turbo kits that do not include an EMS, wiring harness or tune. We will be building an AEM based Z4M turbo system relatively soon that will come complete as our M3 turbo systems do. For now those that want to get started can work with ProEFI as they have a plug-n-play system for the Z4M and get our "tuner" turbo kit from us.


Hello Chris, no worries i can wait until you fix the bugs. I know you would help me once you make solve the small issues.

I thank you and all HPF team for making this kit but i have to tell you that i have bought a turbo kit.

I have hundreds of emails to confirm this and of course an invoice.

I really dont want to argue about this there is no problem because i know that HPF is a solid company and thanks to HPF i now have a turbo on my Z4M.

I hope John solves the bugs out.

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