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ST coilovers! REVIEW e46 330i

hallo! fellow e46fantics-ers?!

This is my review for ST Coilovers!!
now before i get started on the review on the actual coilovers let me give a quick briefing on my driving style, car, and what i was looking to achieve....

I am a 20 year old "kid" who owns a 2002 e46 330i ZSP.... sadly automatic (

I daily drive this car & i enjoy spirited canyon cruising/driving w.e you wanna call it through the LA mountains... including Angeles Crest Hwy & Malibu Canyon Roads... Im not a aggressive driver who canyon BOMBs.. or does crazy **** to their car.. i just enjoy a nice smooth drive...

My car is 10yrs old... with STOCK suspension.. yes stock since day one out of the dealership.. it had 143K miles on the odometer.. The reason why i wanted to upgrade was because i knew this car could handle much better and it was in desperate need of upgrading suspension components..... so i did my research and found out what i wanted....

1) i wanted to lower my car....not credit card clearance SLAM... but a healthy drop

2) improved handling/cornering

3) less body roll.....

through my research my options are to:
1) Coilovers
2) Loweing springs..& shocks
3).... cut springs..or heat springs

I liked the fact that with coilovers i could adjust height/dampening etc.. so i went with that route.... choosing that i also realized the fat price of coilovers.. being on a college budget didnt quite help with that..
I wanted something that was quality built & not some cheapo crap that would ruin my prestigious car!!! lol... Once i saw ST coilovers i was sold just by the fact that KW had made them ( & KW is a reputable brand with quality builds) so i immediately went for that since they had a decent pricing as well!!

so here are the coils delivered by FedEx... it felt like Christmas all over again

Here is a picture of my lovely car.... BEFORE... with the aged shitty OEM parts on it

Now i did not install the coilovers myself since im am not to mechanically inclined... but after viewing one of my friends install them... they did not seem that difficult to install... but who am i to talk?! lol

& WAAAALA ST's installed & ready to go! The fronts before we measured it was 23 inches from the base of the rim to the fender lip.... & now AFTER it measured 22 inches.... ST's said that the front can drop up 2.8 inches... and based off the viewing the thread.... id say this thing can DROP!!

SOOOO I JUST SPENT ....a nice lump sum of money for these bright yellow things.... how does it ride?!?!?
Im comparing this to my old shitty OEM 143K miles suspension components...
IT RIDES alot better than that!! I mean it actually felt really smooth despite the fact i lowered it about an inch or so.. the ride quality was really smooth... it seems to take the bumps & humps real well... Although i must mention that at lower speeds the car does feel a tad bit bouncy... but at higher speeds that problem does not exist!!

I took out on some twisty roads... and it handles good on the corners as well! I mean im not going around the bends at crazy speeds but for normal spirited driving it felt nice! I felt more confident in my car... it felt more planted & secure.. it was great! I can deff take corners faster now )) lol

The only real thing i guess i can complain about... is.. that i wish the dampening was a bit rougher/harder... but i mean thats why i guess i should spend more money and get KW V2's... or some other brand.... BUT ITS NOT A big deal... unless ure gonna track your car... but for street driving/cruising/dailydriving/ canyon runs... id say this is a really good coilover kit.. it blends it perfectly.. its soft enough to commute long distances... yet you can throw some curvy roads & it will deliver...

here's an HQ pic for your viewing pleasure lol..

Now i do plan on lowering it even more... just to see what it will look like..
ill post pics if i do... lol

Fun fact... this suspension weighs around 50lbs~ based off of FedEx lol

AS i become more invested in this car... im getting the urge to start tracking..
but next on the list im looking to get some APEX's.... some sways.. and better brakes... we'll see how that turns out lol

if you guys have any questions about these coilovers... shoot me a PM or email at ill try to answer them as best as i can...


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