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Originally Posted by chesmari View Post
Something maybe to consider, have shorter shorts for women. My daughter plays soccer and loves compression shorts but would much rather have a shorter version much like what the volleyball players wear. Track and field also uses the shorter versions. Still somewhat generic.

Appreciate the input.

The problem we have is that the term "compression" gets thrown around pretty loosely nowadays. Its gotten to the point where anything form fitting or skin tight is called compression, which is really not the case.

For something to be true compression apparel it provides a measureable level of compression which can typically only be accomplished by having fabric content of at least 25% spandex / lycra / elastane. Most of the form fitting stuff out there is 18% at most (and is usually less).

We could make shorter stuff, but like solly mentioned, it would defeat the purpose since it wouldnt really be compressing anything. Our gear is really meant for training and recovery, not to look good or be part of a uniform.

Money is better spent on sport specific stuff for that purpose in my opinion since it is usually cheaper and conforms with the expected "look" for that sport.

Also like Ron said, we are trying to keep our product offering to just the essentials for now since we are a startup and dont want to lose our focus.

Again, thank you for your input though as I really like hearing thoughts from people in all different walks of life.

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