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Originally Posted by a2puri View Post
hey guys, ive made the DIY cable with the 2 caps and the resistor installed, but Im having a ground loop problem. I know that this MAY be solved by a ground loop isolator, but the one I picked up form The Source (equivalent to Radio Shack) didnt work.

At this point, I dont mind paying $50 bucks for the retrofit cable, as long as I know that I wont have any issues with ground loop on the OEM cable. Can someone verify that if I have something plugged into the car cigarette lighter charger, and also the aux, that there will not be engine whine or ground loop noise with the OEM cabl?
Bought the BMW OEM cable, still has the EXACT same issue. I will try to remove the cigaretter lighter and ground it at the same location as the radio today and see if that changes things. But fark, i wasted $50 bucks on that cable and it was just as good as my DIY.

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