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The mid-woofers on the other hand, have been a real bitch! I did not take into account the diameter of the magnet on the DLS. Besides that, it's just sooooo much deeper than the CDT driver. I guess the data I was using was wrong. Oh well, I WILL make it work.

I did a LOT of cutting, solder-gun plastic melting/manipulation, etc. to get that driver right up at the front of the door card. That makes more space behind it...making enough room for the driver to fit when I put the door card back on the door. (The vert has a window guide track that runs right behind the speaker magnet, so I can't cut on the door any more than I already have, during the last installation.

Right now it's held in place with 100% (black) Silicone. I will clamp it in place tomorrow; I'll have to fabricate some hold downs...I'm thinking I'll start with some metal corner brackets. Probably pound them out to about 60 (vs. 90) degrees and use the existing mounting hardware to apply the pressure. I don't know, haven't got that far yet!

Speaking of original mounting hardware, one of the screw "receptacles" broke, so I epoxy-puttied a screw in its place. I liked that better than anything else I could think of at the time. I put a nut on the top of the putty, too; now the screw can't spin in the epoxy, because the nut will make it stop.

I'll get a pic or two posted of those.

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