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Completed lower and upper boot plus DISA Gasket yesterday. I made it about about a four hour job. I was in no hurry. I did take the airbox out and went the DISA route. Left MAF in since I cleaned it several months ago. I have 59,000 miles on our 330CIC and I wanted to check Coolent & power steering tanks, hoses and belts and anything else I see. I took DISA out for several reasons. One to check gasket and it was shot. (lower than the ridge of the DISA grove...doing absolutely nothing, except leaking) The other to check for rattle and perform vacuum test and pin status. Replaced gasket with Ebay's best ($12.95) no gas or vehicle wear looking for a gasket.

I knew a had a rip in ICV hose on lower boot as I had sealed it months aqo with weather seal to get all the parts I needed to repair lower boot. My upper boot looked new so I didn't order that when I ordered lower boot. (Mistake) When I removed upper with a tug tug type pull and looked at the bottom it too looked good but when I spread out flex part, it was ripped in four places. Trip to BMW $47.10 later I was set. $29.95 German auto parts + shipping but I couldn't wait

As for the lower boot removal, I didn't mess around. Sock into trottle body I cut the boot off right at the trottle body. All of the problem clamps now fully exposed. I did use the suggestion/hint of a make shift tool in this tread to help you, was the allen wrench and 6 mm. Used this and few other tools. Once boot was out took pictures all over for the record and to see how things looked. On the lower boot I think it is better to hook up larger hole to get flange to match then the small hose . small hose clamp screw straight up so you can tighted from above Big clamp I went toward Disa hole, again for screwdriver. Putting in boot coupler and first band screw pointed toward fender. Used stubby screwdriver. Reinstalled DISA taped screws with 30 mm torx taped to my socket with masking tape. Boot covered with sock. I have a suspension support bar but that didn't get in my way. Almost There. Sock out. Installed upper boot. Don't fully tighten bracket. You need to leave loose so when you put airbox back in you can move to match the airbox. Plug back in Disa wiring ( disconnect is on engine side of plug) and MAF after installing airbox. go back tighten rear upper boot clamp. Install front air intake with three pins. Go treat your sore back and watch TV. Thanks to all for DIY to give me the nerve to do this. Went smooth.

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