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Originally Posted by jeffro3000 View Post
I'd definitely skip on the 4s at this point, and if you go with an s3, get the lower storage capacity. Cloud storage is negating the need for lots of local capacity.
When the iphone 5 comes out, you can decide if it's worth switching or not and possibly sell the S3. I bet if you can root the S3 though, you'll be set for awhile. Maybe until the S4 lol Sent from my ADR6400L using Bimmer App
Good point on the lower cap. If I get the S3 I will also be getting the 5 and giving the S3 to a friend of mine.

Originally Posted by Amoeba View Post
Someone actually spends $900 for a phone? I'm fine with paying $200 with a contract.
Dood...I live in Europe. The Euro is mad expensive. I cant do a contract as I wont be here very much longer. I was just wondering also if the quad core version is worth all the extra money. Im guessing not. In retrospect, a 64gb Ipad3 here is $1700.

Originally Posted by SUHLeen View Post
I wasn't too happy with many of my android phones at first and eventually went to a 4s. I liked it but there were actually a lot of features the iPhone does not have compared to android as far as ease of use for me. Unless I did not play around with it enough, it is so much easier on android when you are in your texts to call someone. This comes in handy when I'm driving because if someone texts me, I could click their picture and call them. With iPhone I'd have to click the persons name, scroll to the top of the persons text or double tap the top, then press call.

Another small thing that bugged me, you could not add attachments to emails unless you started a new one. With android I could attach a picture to an email super easily. Like I said, I could be wrong and maybe did not play with the iphone long enough but there were small conveniences android had that iOS was lacking.

I held on to the 4s until the gnex came out and man was I impressed. Completely different experience. Its like a whole new operating system. ICS is super nice and I can't wait to see what else comes from android. I'm anxious to see the sIII because I'm pretty sure the cheap plastic everyone is referring is the same material on the gnex and its actually a solid ass phone with an almost seamless design. I was worried about getting the gnex knowing it was plastic but its felt better than any other phone (besides of course the iPhone, I give them that). When I went in to best buy on the supposed launch date of the gnex (to find out it was pushed back), the associate actually showed me the dummy phone and I thought it was real because how good it felt. I figured if that was the dummy phone the real phone must be super nice. Try it out iPhone guys

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Thanks for the advice. i will think about it...
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