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Originally Posted by TiAgTouring View Post
For sale is a Dinan, long tube style cold air intake. It comes with the intake, filter, and filter sock.

I purchased this for my 323 from a gentleman who had it installed on his 330i. I never used it, but it is in very good condition. I've always believed Long-tube CAI's are the only way to go, and Dinan is the best. I believe this will fit all E46s.

I purchased for $250 shipped. Will let it go for $200 plus shipping.
The MAF sizes are different between the 330i and 325i SULEV, versus the 323, 325, and 328. You would need a different coupler to fit this to a 323, 325, or 328 if this was originally for a 330.

Originally Posted by SUHLeen View Post
Yea and its a BMW backed brand... its the same concept as the cosmos anyway so I sent him a pm I'm local as well!

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Not backed by BMW as far as I can tell. If you come across any information saying otherwise I'd be interested to see. Dinan picks up the warranty if you have them modify your car before BMW's original warranty is up. From what I heard, there were some legal issues between BMW and Dinan after some of these long tube intakes ingested water, hydrolocking some engines at the expense of BMW NA.

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