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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
This is a little nit-picky on my part, but is it not physically possible to align the gaps in the same position on the inner and outer , and from the left to right sides? I would have asked that the gaps all be aligned at the 12:00 position (or 6:00 or 3:00, whatever). It would make them less noticeable, and more like an intentional design, and it would give it a more OEM look. But I don't know if something in the design or wire placement prevents that sort of thing.
But they look really good, and are very bright!
Very true, it bugged me when I looked back on it and realized that. But when he first set them in, it looked like it was aligned already and I didn't even really notice until I looked at the pictures above. Still bugs me but it can't be noticed at all unless you look at it from inches away.

Originally Posted by maurer View Post
Looks awesome.....what did he charge?
Thanks! It was $120. It was his first time working on a facelift E46 coupe since he usually does E60 headlights.
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