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Jaffster's Turbo E46 Racecar For Sale

Summary: 2002 E46 M3 with M52 2.8L (m3 cams) on motec M800 and AIM MXL Pro05 (canbus connected to each other), S54 6spd drivetrain - about 400hp/400trq@8psi, simple reliable setup, drives like a v8, full torque at 3200rpm, flat to 6800.

Note: this was the second day of shakedown, so I was not pushing very hard, engine was at 7psi initial tune.

Sale includes ALL documentation (many many hundreds of images), as well as all 3D model data and CFD analysis information.

0.5 drop in compression via MLS headgasket
Spa Manifold
OBDI intake manifold
Custom precision Turbo - spec'd to max of 550hp - designed for instant spoolup and mid range torque.Zero lag. Dual Ball bearing, oil fed, water cooled.
AEM Boost solenoid Controller
Bosch Ignitor Amplifiers
OEM Coil on plug setup.
Modified S54 fuel rail w/an fittings
VAC oil distribution block
external oil spin on filter
headlight mounted oil cooler that extracts out the hood (super efficient)
Custom ron davis radiator
ATL trunk fuel cell, with working level gauge on Dash (tells you how many gallons to the tenth are left, + reserve in black box)
Custom intercooler.
Uses MAP, Baro, IAT, RPM and turbo data to tune.
Bosch Green injectors.
Iridium Plugs
Tuned by Neel @ Apex, support will be available for anything you might need.
alum coolant reservoir with overflow to radiator.
crankcase overflow bottle with drain and filter
Synapse BOV (best there is)
38mm Wastegate that tied back into exhaust
Fuel Filter mounted inline, located in trunk
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure reg
Some stuff i'm sure i left out...but thats a lot of it.

Custom DA Ohlins, custom valved, awesomeness.
Bimmerworld Race front control arms
GC front hella big bar (no rear bar)
custom rear tubular control arms using VAC billet alum clevis'
solid alum mounts on everything
5" main springs with tenders (two sets of main springs included)
All mounts have spherical bearings

Fully seam welded
all extra tabs/components not needed cut off and welded/sealed.
Rear bulkhead in tact, but reskinned (lighter overall package)
All suspension pickup points have been reinforced
Rear chassis is "channeled" to allow for extra upper control arm clearance
Fuel Cell enclosure with removable cross braces for quick change/replacement
Cage is fully gusseted and tied into the frame, trans tunnel, bulkhead, rear subframe, trailing arm mounts, front shock towers, center jack bars.

Rotora 4 piston calipers
Direct Drive Performance friction front rotors (amazing), frozen rotor rear rotors (low wear, easy to maintain/replace)
brake/clutch fluid resoirvers mounted on pass side of dash bar (makes bleeding brakes easy with pedal pumper topping off fluid)

Diffsonline 3.64 30/90 REM top of the line diff
S54 6spd
7.25 twin disc Tilton clutch with hydraulic release bearing (remote bleed for clutch mounted by fluid reservoirs in cockpit)
Turner long wheel studs
New wheel bearings all around
Jaffster Knob of course
Custom short shifter using some rogue and some uuc components.

Carbon Roof
End plate mounted wing, structural, lightweight, super efficient.
Lexan front/rear/side windows
Skinned doors
skinned trunk (fuel filler is on top of the trunk, easily accessible, quick fill right into fuel cell, gravity fed).
stock hood/bumpers/fenders (pretty light as is)
stock composite bumper support beams
Alumalite splitter (bare spare splitter included)
flat bottom cover for oem fuel tank area
Roof mounted AirTab vortex generators
New Turner Tow Hooks are on the way I will throw on.

Total of 8 Enkei 18x10 wheels with scrubs mounted
Extra hardware for chassis/suspension
Extra misc plumbing/filters/oil/etc
Extra BMW Motorsport Steering tie rod components (valued at $2500+)
Modified e46 m3 dash with carbon fiber control panel

DOW Impaxx safety impact module on drivers door - only touring car that's not in ALMS to have this technology.
Electric power steering
Right side net
Circuit Breaker contorl/switch panel
Odyssey pc925 metal box battery
Electric fire suppression
Sabelt Taurus Seat
Tilton floor mount pedal assembly with remote brake bias adjuster, built in dead pedal, as well as right foot rest panel (comes in handy, reduces fatigue)
Flaming River push-off kill switch (twist to turn on, reliable, no key required)
Schroth hybrid 2" hands harness
Quick release Right side and window nets
5 panel rear mirror
Woodward collapsible steering column (adjustable up/down, in/out) with quick release hub
Custom solid steering linkage
BMW Motorsport steering tie rods (reinforced)
Fuel pump override switch (great for emptying the fuel cell)
Steering/seat/pedals and shifter shifter have been relocated 8" back for better weight distribution

Chassis on Rotisserie:

Rear Cage bulkhead:

Rear Cage tie in:

Apillar gusseting:

Bpillar gusseting:

Interior during assembly:

Impaxx side impact module:

Motorsport tie rod components:

rear view mirror (and gusseting):

Pedal assembly (see the white panel on the right, helps reduce fatigue on right foot):

Side exhaust with wastegate integrate:

drivers dash view:

Custom radiator's drain plug - makes things easy:

Fuel Filler:

Underside heat protection:

Side Impaxx build: http://jaffster.com/E46M3/4-15-08/
Start of assembly after i painted: http://jaffster.com/E46M3/4-28-08/
Front suspension/steering/brakes: http://jaffster.com/E46M3/5-31-08/
Wing: http://jaffster.com/E46M3/8-5-08/
more exhaust: http://jaffster.com/E46M3/8-17-08/

PM or email if interested jaffster @ jaffster dot com
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