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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
Love the progress. Your car looks so clean and that M-Tech II bumper really brings it together. As far as the clear corners are concerned, I'm sort of indifferent. I run them on my Silver-Grey 330i, but I think the amber doesn't necessarily look too bad with our paint. However, considering the fact that you already have clear sides and tail lights, I think a set might not be a bad idea. Forget the LEDs. The only LEDs I will run on my 330i are for the license plate and I have enough trouble with those to begin with. Get chrome bulbs and you'll be set.

+1 You should really consider a mild set of lowering springs.
Thanks! Ya like I said I'm on the fence about it. I don't mind the ambers at all, but then again everything else is clear. I would rather take the money I would spend on the clears and put it towards something else.

I've considered but I'm not sure how my shocks and struts would react to it.
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