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Mmmm.... 15 more assigns to play with and unlock the guns. I like it.

Aug A3
10 Squad Revives
30 Assault Rifle Kills

20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher
15 kills with hand grenades

20 squad resupplies
20 kills with Light Machine Guns

10 kills with C4
10 knife takedowns

20 AT rocket kills
30 kills with carbines

Get a kill with EOD bot
100 kills with carbines

10 T-UGS assists
Capture 20 flags

50 kills with Sniper Rifles
Win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination

20 kills with pistols
20 kills with shotguns

Finish top5 in Gun Master
100 kills with Sub Machine Guns

Life saver badge
50 kills with the F2000
25 headshots with the F2000
50 squad heals

Bullet provider badge
50 kills with the PKP Pecheneg
50 squad resupplies

Location scout
50 kills with the L96
25 headshots with the L96
25 spawns on your Radio Beacon

Wrech Wielder
50 kills with the SCAR-H
50 squad repairs
25 kills with shotguns

Jack of all trades
Get 30 kills with Assault Rifles
Get 30 kills with Carbines
Get 30 kills with Sniper Rifles
Get 30 kills with Light Machine Guns
Get 15 kills with Pistols
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