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Originally Posted by Feffman View Post
Great build thread. I think you should have dropped the balast plates, installing a seat for "the mascot" and use him as balast.

Haha great idea!!

Originally Posted by The Gorilla View Post

Could not see any works to the rear subframe
location fixing/ points during the Cage Install ?

Once you start increasing the load paths
with greater Mechanical grip and the lateral
G forces rise due to Type R or Slick rubber
then you will be ripping out the rear subframe
on a Caged car.

Its a lot easier to strengthen than repair.
Believe me.


The Gorilla.
If you look closely at the picture of the trunk area you can see that we installed the subframe reinforcement kit. I chose not to tie the cage into the subframe because A) I have a feeling the subframe reinforcement kit is going to be enough. B) If its not enough, and the plates begin to stress and crack, It is easy to run a couple of reinforcement bars down from the cage.
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