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Anybody in the military or military knowledge

Hey guys,

I'm hoping I can have a civilized discussion here about the military from people who've been there and done that to help guide me through this dilemma right now. I will start with my usual cliff notes:

- Going to have a bachelors degree in Psychology in 2 semesters
- FULL interest on pursuing a military career. No interest in civilian jobs.
- 3.025/4.000 GPA
- Looking for a career with aviation (not necessarily pilot but avionics related)

I have had my heart set on the military for about 2 years now once I made the decision that it was for me. Trouble is, I don't know where to channel my efforts and or what branch is best for me. I fell in love with the Coast Guard for a year and a half, but I found out more about it, and myself, and decided it is not what I am looking for. My younger brother is enlisted AF as a crew chief. He loves his job and would never do it a different way but he reports on how the enlisted life is so sub par to officer life in the military. I had my heart set on the AF since September 2011, and as of recently I've become confused as to what I should do. I took the AFOQT test and did not score well enough to qualify. You can only take this exam twice in your life, so I am nervous to take it again without properly studying. I feel the only service I would enlist in is the Air Force, but would be open to commissioning into the Navy, Army, or Marines. I plan to use the military to pay off my school loans, and to make it a career. One thing is clear I do not want a desk job. Enlisted or commissioned. That I simply cannot do. I want to work with my hands. I want to do something laborous, and not just sign my name all day. Special forces are not out of the question, as I am not scared of a combat oriented position.

I guess the biggest dilemma is my brother telling me I have an opportunity to commission somewhere and that I shouldn't waste this opportunity by enlisting in the AF. My AF recruiter tells me the same thing. That he is welcome to recruit me, but wants me to be absolutely certain I've searched around all other branches before deciding on something.

So with that, I'm simply asking for some rounded opinions from people who have been there and done that. Your experiences, just general guidance on this matter. Please no anti military, anti war, or other troll comments I just want some unbiased advice. Thanks guys.
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