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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
idk about the slowness of USMC OCS, but I do know that it's not ridiculously difficult to get into their PLC program, which you may still have time for... it's a 10 week summer program, for you since you're a senior, at Quantico. It's like a crash course in OCS and you get paid as an E-5 so that's kinda cool. I'm leaning towards doing this. Then again, you could go army and slap down your degree. They're in the need for more officers.
I do know about the slowness of USMC OCS. I also do know a thing about PLC and OCC (having done them both). He doesn't have time for PLC-12 or even 13. The selection criterion has gone up a lot (a first class PFT doesn't cut it, you gotta be at or as close to 300 as possible, with excellent grades and no waivers). Its not a crash course in OCS, it is OCS.

The Army needs officers, the Corps doesn't. Half of my buddies from OCS back in 2009 didn't get selected by career designation boards and will be leaving active duty before even pick up Captain. Nobody who I went to OCS with this past summer (2011) will be going to TBS until 2013 at the earliest.

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