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Originally Posted by 3twenty5eye View Post
Navy EOD. Officers side you still get down and dirty. Its extremely challenging, close knit community..i could go on and on about it. Look it up. Civilian world after you get out your making 5-6 figure job the benifits are endless. And the pipeline is fun Dive school is a blast especially if you get there during spring break (panama city, fl) then you goto Eglin AFB for 11 months for the actuall explosives training and its fast paced high intensity dirty work, PT is tough and fun. Everyone there is of all ranks and are pretty down to earth guys. from 1st classes to the CO.

Just a suggestion, I took this route on the enlisted side of it, and i loved every moment of it. The pipelines just about 1 1/2 years from start to finish, you goto jump school, tac training..etc look it up. its an amazing career path. Very very very rewarding
Just remember that while you're at dive school in the river and the pool getting your ass smoked, you're not getting to go play with the co-eds on the beach.
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