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if youre an officer, you will have to do some paperwork at some point, will you have a desk, probably.
Granted, its more real work as enlisted, so if youre flight crew, yeah, youre earning your pay check, but its all up to the tempo.
If youre an officer and you fly, well thats your main job and everything else is secondary.

The fact that you have a degree almost, why wouldnt you want to take advantage of that and be commissioned, fuk pride dude, at the end of the day you have to put food on that table, and its hard to do when youre like an E1-E4

for aviation, id stay away from the Army, as all they have is rotary wings, and there program is being flooded, so it is actually slowing down too.
Naval aviation, and Marine Corp aviation has rotary and fixed wing, and of course the AF.
So choose wisely.

If youre a great swimmer, look into AF PJs, and Combat Controllers, if youre a fish in water, explore the Navy SEAL officer program.
besides that, you could always become a Marine infantry officer and then try to go Recon or MARSOC from there.

Besides being a pilot and the above mentioned, i think there is no way to escape a desk as an officer. lol

The fact that you want to serve so much is admirable tho, :salute: hurry and come join us.
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