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Originally Posted by fatboyx9 View Post
Someone chime in here. I have SSS and DIS, but would like a "dummies how to" on how to downlod the software. Purchased from ebay.
Once you get it installed, you'll understand why no one will be able to chime in with a quick "how to".

There's just so much to cover; it'd take a long time to write such a guide. I've written a couple guides that were much narrower in focus, and even those took quite a bit of time to write. Generally when one writes a set of instructions, one has to consider the steps where mistakes are made, where differences in configurations can lead to different instructions, and one also has to "translate" the information to a level that someone less skilled with computers can understand.

Basically, a comprehensive guide is the kind of work that many people get paid good money for. There are some decent instructions online, but you've got to put two and two together - that's the best you'll get for free.
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