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Originally Posted by trippinbillies4 View Post
Congrats on your first PDX! Are you an SCCA member yet? If not, let me be your referral I can send you my name/member number and save you $15. Face it, you know you're going to be hooked, might as well sign up now ;

Couple notes: magnets will do just fine on a road course. I've yet to lose one.

Also, I love your "save my expensive contis" comment. The RS-3's will blow them out of the water on a road course. You're going to LOVE them. For 140+ TW street tires, they're about as good as it's going to get for road course events. They take heat and beg for more. Use them for autocrossing too (assuming you're probably running STU?)

HP+ are still going to beg for mercy. You're in MN, so Road America? I would absolutely recommend changing your brake fluid to at least Super Blue, but I would highly recommend stepping up to Motul RBF600. I autocrossed for three years and got very good at it before taking my Z4 to Mid-Ohio for my first track event. I had HP+ pads on it on street tires, oem brake fluid. PDX's are like autocross in slow motion, so if you're any good at autocrossing, you'll quickly start pushing your car hard at the track. I did, then my brake pedal went to the floor coming out of thunder valley. That's an eye opening experience in a daily driver. Long story short, if you're doing HP+, bed them in correctly on new rotors, and switch to Motul RBF600 fluid. Or, conversely, don't brake the ever living piss out of your car.

Have fun!
I am an SCCA member already, otherwise I would gladly take you up on your offer.

Lol the comment about the contis was how I justifed it to my wife. The rs3s are cheaper for my stock 17s than my conti extremes are for my 18s, plus the rs3s are better on the track and this way I can make the contis last two summers.

She bought it.

I'm already running super blue, but when it comes time to flush it again ill step up to motul.

I don't have new rotors for the hp+ but the ones I do have (BMW Performance) have only ever been used with HPS so I'm hoping the pad composition is similar enough between the HPS. And HP+ so as not to effect them after I bed in the HP+ tomorrow.

Oh yeah I generally run in DSP on the street tire index. I'm no where near competitive enough for STU up here.

I've taken my class once a couple of years ago and finished 3rd in my class. I also won novice back when I started so I am decent but the competition is a lot stiffer up here than in va and nc where I used to run so I generally only seem to finish middle of the pack, both class and overall.

I definately hear that autoxers have a much easier transition to road course than road course to autox, but I guess ill see how I do on Saturday.

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