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Originally Posted by Tampa01e46 View Post
Ya Mango, I tried to reason with you and you really are just being a jerk man. You can't see where I'm coming from? At all? It's common sense, 4 is better than 1. Therefore, if you need to possibly save a few bucks on parts, it's BETTER to cheap out on the parts that have backups than the single part that will cause a problem instantly.

R1concepts had a whole string of bad rotors that went out, and most stories that surfaced were for the TL. My friend got 4 sets of rotors from them (D/S rotors) for his TL that ALL warped within a month. This obviously doesn't happen to all "ebay" rotors or there would be tens of thousands of complaints and horror stories. That Callahan ebay seller has over 20,000 positive feedback JUST for his rotors. I sure as hell don't see 10, much less 10,000 horror stories of cracked or warped rotors. I can't find ONE story of a SPECIFIC Callahan incident...

I know you say he saved $.68, but in MY case, I would be saving $230.00 (4 Callahan @ $130, 4 brembo @ $360) Also, I have daily access to a full lift and air tools, so changing rotors is a 45 minute job at max if one fails. ALSO, I would be getting the full disk brakes, not the D/S.

Trying to compromise here dude Lets see if you have that skill under that chromium cranium of yours
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Is English your second language? (No offense if it is, just curious)

You're not understanding something.

The OP purchased two front rotors and a set of front pads.. We are talking about two front rotors and a front set of front pads. Period.

Not sure where/why/how you are bringing in this fantasy scenario here of four eBay brake rotors/pads. Is that what you really want for your car? Go for it.
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