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Originally Posted by Ynot View Post
What's wrong with HSPA+? It doesn't drain battery like LTE, it's fast enough, anything over 6MB download is like a girl with bigger than DD boobs. It serves no purpose except that I can say, "I am bigger than you or faster in this case."
Right now, there's a huge fight to acquire more spectrum. The FCC is stalling on their latest auctions of spectrum and attempted mergers of companies to combine spectrum holdings (most notably AT&T and T-Mobile) won't happen because the FCC and the DOJ won't allow it. That's why you see such a huge push by the biggest carriers to move to LTE. Theoretically, it has much greater spectral efficiency than HSPA+. Once the carriers complete their upgrades to LTE, they'll be able to offer much better pricing on mobile bandwidth. It'll make HSPA+ obsolete within 3 years or less.

As an aside, the attempted merger of AT&T and T-Mobile had a merger disapproval provision that required AT&T to pay T-Mobile 4 billion dollars once the FCC nixed the merger. T-Mobile is using that money to upgrade their network to LTE next year. It's kinda funny. Oh, the wonders of government.
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