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Originally Posted by petere46 View Post
Ok have just spoken to him again. I wrote down his process, dont know what half of it is!!! Now I'm thinking he thinks im weird!!! But he totally understood where i was coming from.
Iron X, Foam lance, sponge wash, clay, I think its called menkerna polish, 2 stage, 1 stage to correct swirls he said and one stage to remove any holograms and to really gloss up the paintwork and thats a finishing polish. He then said he needs to give a the car a wipe down with a isoprpoynol solution to get rid of polish oils. He gave me a choice whether i went coating or seal, i went seal cause cheaper lol, and thats called nitroseal

Dont want to name him, cause hes not a forum sponsor but has done a couple of members here
Sounds like he's doing the usual. Menzerna polishes are fantastic! I haven't used NitroSeal myself, but from what I've heard, you might get ~12-18mths.
Personally, for most daily drivers you'd use a synthetic sealant.

Let us know how it goes
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