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Originally Posted by e30? View Post
Congratulations on purchasing God's chariot. Plan on doing a timing belt replacement before you start driving it. My e30 is my daily driver and i love it. M3 parts aren't that difficult to find for it but they will be expensive. Try, it's a really good website for all kinds of tech info and parts from other e30 enthusiasts. I also have an 04 325ci that i really like too but my e30 will always be my first choice, I love it.
Thanks! I'm glad to have the car. I've checked the timing belt and it's in good shape, previous owner did it two years back! My main concern about the engine is actually a very light knock, so slight it can't be heard while driving the car but just upon a slight blip of the throttle while standing over the engine bay with the hood up. My plan is to just get a new engine altogether now so I've been saving up I'm just not too sure what to go with, I'm leaning towards doing a Ford 5.0L swap however.
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