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Okay, my left side rear window's regulator broke it's plastic pulley wheel and was replaced (thanks for the step-by-step how to take the door panel off). I own a 2002 325i and the regulator which was different than the ones pictured in the beginning of this thread seamed to be rather easy. When I reconnected the wire harness back to the window motor and reconnected the neg terminal of the battery and tried all the window switches around the stick shift all the windows were working except the one with the bad regulator. Forgetting that the fuses could have been an issue and thinking that I somehow burnt the window motor up I got a replacement window motor. Replaced the motor and the door is still dead. I wired everything back up including the window switch on the door and even the speaker wires and still dead. It feels like there's no power going to the motor. I checked the fuses (fuse 71 I think) and the fuse was good... help! I thought this project was going to be an hour or less but has become a pain. Did I forget something? When the window motor(s) were pulled out the window was free to move up and down by my hands helping, so not an issue. I don't get any reaction from either the switch on the door OR the switch around the stick shift...
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