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Hi guys! Just want to say that i've tried one of these Enco-units, and give you my opinion...
ordered it directly from the factory (from Amy/Jolly)...
The unit I got was missing radio-adaptor on arrival... They shipped me this afterwards after some e-mails....
Didn't help much... The radio reception is poor
The sound from the ipod-cable is HORRIBLE (may just be a bad cable)...
Bluetooth works, BUT the mic is useless... so you can't use it :/
GUI is pretty, but the english is 'engrish'.. Quick google-translate-job....
aux/usb/sd works well, allthough GPS-SD and DVD-SD is the opposite of the markings on the player.... they told me about this after shipping the unit... quality control non-existing!
The GPS is non functioning with me.... screen is flickering between gps-program and "no signal"...
Also, the unit doesn't remember my settings, so you have to set the time/date everytime...

all in all.... a horrible unit which i regret buying!
went with a Dynavin D99 in the end, and OH MY LORD what a difference... stay away from Enco! I have my enco-player here, if anyone wants to buy it

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