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Originally Posted by fskarboe View Post
Hi guys! Just want to say that i've tried one of these Enco-units, and give you my opinion...
ordered it directly from the factory (from Amy/Jolly)...
The unit I got was missing radio-adaptor on arrival... They shipped me this afterwards after some e-mails....
Didn't help much... The radio reception is poor
The sound from the ipod-cable is HORRIBLE (may just be a bad cable)...
Bluetooth works, BUT the mic is useless... so you can't use it :/
GUI is pretty, but the english is 'engrish'.. Quick google-translate-job....
aux/usb/sd works well, allthough GPS-SD and DVD-SD is the opposite of the markings on the player.... they told me about this after shipping the unit... quality control non-existing!
The GPS is non functioning with me.... screen is flickering between gps-program and "no signal"...
Also, the unit doesn't remember my settings, so you have to set the time/date everytime...

all in all.... a horrible unit which i regret buying!
went with a Dynavin D99 in the end, and OH MY LORD what a difference... stay away from Enco! I have my enco-player here, if anyone wants to buy it
How much for the crap enco player?

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I used to drive fast and cowboy around, but then I realized that I can't even afford bumping into someone, so now it's slow and classy, with occasional spurts of speed. Fanatics might pick on each other from time to time, but we are all one great big family that looks out for each other in the end.
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I pull up to meets, lean to one side, shakin my finger at all da playahaterz. Then I get back into my car and flash mah beamz.
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