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So I've read through the thread a few times now and everyone has made very insightful remarks. There is too much to comment on individually, but I will say that I've definitely gone off and googled many routes and have done a lot of reading. With that said, I figure I will lay out a few more circumstances and what I'll be facing / looking at in the next year of my life.

I'll graduate with a bachelors in Psych. I'll owe my school roughly 32-38k in loans that will BEGIN to be collected 6 months after I graduate. So, with that, I am looking to begin signing up, talking to recruiters, taking officer qualifying exams as soon as possible because whatever route I end up going, I want to be shipping out by this time next year. (summer shortly after I graduate) This is because I'm not interested in finding a civilian job to try to start paying the loans back. (I can be honest when I say I'm very interested in military loan repayment assistance. It is just an added bonus that what I want to do as a career wants to help me pay for school.

I'm not much closer to making a final decision just yet, and this is because there are many factors going into it. Questions like: Will I be able to leave during the next summer? Will I even be accepted into a program? (Officer programs) Will it be a job that I would want to do for x amount of years? (Taking people's advice here on not to just settle on whatever is out there)

I actually just got an email from a Navy recruiter I introduced myself to last week, he wants me to go take a stab at the Navy ASTB test. We'll see about that. Thanks very much guys for the replies, I'm going to reread the thread over again and again.
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